Meet the Horses

Sweet Haven Ranch is home to a number of abandoned, neglected and abused rescue horses. Here they are safe, and get the training, medical attention and loving care they need. The horses who find sanctuary at Sweet Haven have usually been slated to be put down because they were deemed non-trainable. However, in most cases, the horses are just physically worn down and are in poor health. With proper training, veterinary assistance and attentive care, they are nursed back to [...]

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Helping Those in Need

Sweet Haven Ranch welcomes anyone who would like to schedule a visit to the Ranch. This is a great opportunity for those in need, such as children with cognitive, emotional or physical disabilities, to clear their minds and connect with the magical healing presence of the horses. Time spent on the Ranch with the horses will lift your spirits. No matter what challenges people face, the horses seem to have the innate ability to help with healing. They bring out [...]

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Sweet Haven Ranch is completely volunteer run. Without the time, effort and dedication of many volunteers, we could not care for the horses who are in need, and help the people who want to visit our healing, magical sanctuary. Volunteers are the backbone of our nonprofit organization. We value and appreciate our volunteers tremendously; it is only with their help that we can achieve our mission – to help people in need and horses who have no other option. We [...]

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Riding Lessons

We offer a variety of horse riding lessons for people of all ages. Learn more

Horse Training

We offer consultation/guidance for horse owners; horsemanship training; and horse training clinics. Learn more

Wish List

We are always in need of hay, horse and barn supplies, cleaning supplies and more... View Our Wish List


Please help us help care for the horses and continue our mission... How to Donate
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Sweet Haven Ranch is a peaceful, serene place where both horses and people come to reflect, renew and heal. This humble Ranch is tucked in between the tranquil fields of northeastern Wisconsin, about five miles west of a small community called Chilton. It began with a vision. Pastor David Ward saw the need to give horses who were otherwise deemed “un-trainable” a second chance at life. With persistence, prayer and a lot of hard work and dedication, Sweet Haven Ranch [...]

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Sweet Haven Ranch
Pastor David Ward, Director
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Meet Bella!

This sweet American Miniature is available for adoption!
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Meet Sierra!

This beautiful Morgan is available for adoption!
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Please Help Whisper!

Whisper stepped on a nail and required nearly $1,600 worth of veterinary care to save her life. Please donate to help us pay off her vet bill!
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